The app that helps you to find the correct engine mount

Let your phone discover the main disturbing frequencies of your engine

The integrated accelerometers of your phone are capable of making an FFT measurement where you will be able to see what are the main frequencies that you need to isolate.

Select the mount that suits best your installation

According to the technical parameters of your application, several options will be shown to you. The online access to technical datasheets will give you a deep understanding of the mount that you are interested in.

Simple and easy!

This demo video explains how it works to the user. The menu is simple and user friendly. If you already know the frequency of your application, you can skip the measurement and get the results faster.

ELLEBOGENÂź Accelerometer

ELLEBOGENÂź Accelerometer has been developed to work in conjunction with the ELLEBOGENÂź free of cost app for Android and iOS. This equipment can provide an immediate vibratory analysis in the frequency domain, by connecting it to an Android or iOS mobile phone or tablet.