Multiple ways to lift the marine engine at a glance


In order to avoid the tedious process of dismantling numerous components to lift the motor using a halyard or hoist, sailboat owners typically seek innovative solutions to raise it slightly without causing damage to the oil pan. This article will explore various alternatives for lifting a marine engine to facilitate engine mount replacement.

Description of the process

Although a bit time-consuming, the process is relatively straightforward. The first step involves disconnecting the propeller shaft and loosening the mount fasteners. Next, the engine needs to be lifted slightly where the load is taken by three mounts. 

Each mount at a time, along with its bracket, should be removed and replaced with a new mount that has been fitted into the bracket. It is advisable to use diagonally opposed brackets to achieve most of the lift. For instance, when replacing the stbd fwd, the majority of the lift should be at port fwd and stbd aft.

Posible options

Bill Gauham’s Tool:  Found this creative tool on Yanmar engine and repair Forum. All the credit to Mr Bill Gauham.  Wooden blocks should be used to avoid damaging the engine bed.

Inflatable pry bars :

 There are various inflatable tools available to lift the engine, ranging from established brands like “Air shim pro XL” that can lift up to 500lbs (225Kg), pneumatic pinch jacks or even using basketballs. These devices, when inflated under the oil pan, elevate the engine to facilitate the removal of the mounts.


One way to lift the engine is by utilizing a set of specialized cowbars, similar to a camshaft. This involves lifting the left side front of the engine with the bar positioned at the right side mount, then replacing the left mount and repeating the process with the other mounts. Prior to this procedure, only the axis is dismantled. If there are nuts beneath the mounts, they could potentially be used for lifting. Otherwise, makeshift wooden parts and wedges could be used if professional tools are not available. 2×4 wood blocks can be used as a lever.

Car Jacks for wheel replacement:​

 Using the scissor jack from the car is a simple method. After removing the bolts, the mounts can be easily swung out by slightly lifting the motor. This does not require a significant amount of lifting.

Electric hoists: ​

Available in many DIY stores, they allow effortless lifting.

Mechanical hoists: ​

Also available in DIY stores at lower costs.

Marine pulleys

 By utilizing tools readily accessible on the sailboat, this approach enables one to achieve the goal and a sense of satisfaction of having used minimum resources.

Lifting the engine with the halyard: This method also allows utilizing tools readily accessible on the sailboat, although it may require dismantling numerous components.

Basket ball:

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