The main mission of the marine engine mounts is to assure the engine seat by isolating the vibrations generated by the engine itself, and absorb any shock and vibration when the ship is sailing.

The anti vibration properties of the marine engine mounts are essential to prevent engine damage and to improve the comfort of the ship’s passengers. But what happens when they need to be replaced, and how can we know when they need to be replaced? Is their price a barrier to enjoying quiet and safe navigation?

We answer these two questions in this post.

What happens if I do not change the marine engine mounts?

he use and years in service of marine engine mounts damage the anti vibration properties of them. This happens on all engines, be they Yanmar or other brands of sailboat or yacht engines.  Failure to replace a boat’s engine mount   can cause damage to the marine engine itself, twist the   propulsion shaft, cause inconvenience to the passengers and potentially be a flotation safety hazard if the engine is not properly fixed to the boat.

How long do the marine engine mounts last?

If we follow the manual of the Yanmar marine engines, the  marine engine mounts must be replaced every 1000h or every 4 years. This type of recommendation is quite similar in other manufacturers of marine engines. Usually, the marine engine mounts of the  Ellebogen engine last at least 5-7 years depending on the navigation style. We recommend  to check them regularly when the ship is being  maintained, or when any other maintenance work is  carried  out.  At this point we recommend buying the marine engine mounts in KIT format to be able to get a better price and take advantage of the promotion to buy them cheaper.

Can the replacement of the marine engine mounts be made at an affordable price?

Without being a professional mechanic, you can change the supports by yourself. You only need to follow a series of steps and have the right tools.  There is a community of users of Ellebogen marine engine mounts, who share their experiences and ways to change the supports. It is possible to check several videos about how to change the supports in the Ellebogen community platform, when the sailboat or ship has a motor compartment of reduced or  large dimensions.

If in addition to the above you have not been able to have an answer to your questions, Ellebogen has a team that can help you for free.

Ellebogen has offers / promotions of media in “PACK” format allowing access to cheaper prices for the following engine references: 2YM15, 3YM20, 3YM30, 2GM20, 2GM20F, 3GM30, 3GM30F, 3JH2BE, 3JH2TBE, 3JH2TE, 4JH2BE , 4JH2TBE, 4JH2HTE, 4JH2DTE, 4JH2UTBE, 4JH2UTE.

They have 4 references: 128270-08341,  128377-08351,  121370-08351,  129470-08350, each with a mark75,100, 150 or 200 engraved on the rubber sideways. The number corresponds to the rigidity of the support.  The plane as its rigidity is visible in its data sheets.

128270-08341: See data sheet.

128377-08351: See data sheet.

121370-08351: See data sheet.

129470-08350: See data sheet.

When do I have to replace the marine engine mounts?

Being aware of the different signs of a worn out marine engine mount will help you identify when they need to be replaced. Below   we list a series of symptoms that will allow us to recognize that a marine engine mount need to be replaced.

Increased vibrations

If you start the marine engine and notice that it is making more noise than usual or may feel more vibrations than usual, this is an unmistakable sign that a marine engine mount  is worn out that may need to be replaced. If a marine mount is damaged, its antivibration properties are reduced. An increase in vibrations leads the engine to make more noise than usual, something that can be extremely harmful if it continues in this way for a long time.

Excessive movement at the start or stop of the engine

If during the start of the   boat engine you notice an excessive movement, which gives you a feeling that something is not right, it is another symptom that a marine engine mount  is worn out or damaged. This  back and forth is often stabilized in a constant vibration, but when you turn off the ignition it reappears

Excessive movement on storm days

Often, a marine engine mount that needs to be replaced can move in excess during storm days. This shakings/hits can also be observed when we increase cruising speed. This is  because the engine is being subjected to shocks of bigger magnitude. If your motor does not  work as smooth as usual, this may be because  your  boat’s engine mount  is  damaged.

Impact noises

A worn marine engine  mount can often lead to  touches or bumps within your engine    environment. This is  because the boat’s engine   moves more than normal and makes contact with other components. This will cause noticeable impact sounds.

Visual wear

If there are signs of significant corrosion, cracks, unattachment, permanent deformations, wear will be occurring in the rest support. If you notice any cracks, this can limit the performance depending on the severity of the fissure. The effectiveness of the engine marine mounts is based on their rigidity; any change in the shape or hardness of the rubber may be detrimental to the engine  and propulsion shaft. If you notice any of these signals, you should look for the replacement of the marine engine mounts  as soon as possible.

Guide to detect visual wear:

Based on information available on the web we have made a visual summary of which areas we have to check for evaluate if the boat marine engine mounts should be replaced or not.

Detachments between rubber and metal

Oil presence

Excessive corrosion

Visible component breaks

Excessively low height in the marine engine mount

Five causes why is required to replace marine engine mounts

There are many causes why marine engine mounts may need to be replaced, some of the most common ones are:

  1. Incorrect installation of marine supports.
  2. Aging / hours of use.
  3. Style of navigation that can damage the marine engine mounts of the boat, for example,  navigation in areas of high waves or storms, speed, or exposure to “kickbacks” by facing the waves frontally.
  4. Incidents in accidents that have caused damage or moved the  boat engine marine mounts.
  5. Leaks of liquid over  the  marine engine mounts, oils,  diesel… that contaminate the elastomer.

If you experience any of these signs or suspect that any of the above reasons may be relevant in your boat, the best is to check the engine and consider purchasing and replacing the marine engine mounts.

ÂżWhy are Ellebogen marine engine mounts a good choice?

In our DNA there is a spirit that makes us different. We are children and grandchildren of sailors who inherited a passion for the maintenance of our ships.

We wanted Ellebogen mounts to improve the main areas of failure or weak points of the original manufacturer motor mounts, without the end user having to suffer the consequences. For this we have re-studied the part, improved its components and verified that in the test benches the results are better.

Marine engine mounts have a great responsibility. They support forces from the weight of the engine but also the forces that come from propulsion, waves, or course change maneuvers. We take this section very seriously, measuring the durability and rigidity of these products is key to being able to enjoy the sea in peace

Altura de la pieza excesivamente baja

Using a multi-axis hydraulic test bench, we measure the evolution of the stiffness of the supports as a function of the duty cycles of the engine support.

The dynamometric tests on the three axes allow us to validate that the stiffness of the support is within the required specifications. This value is key in order to achieve the proper natural frequency and to be able to correctly isolate motor vibrations.

By controlling the stiffness within a defined tolerance, through ELLEBOGEN® marine mounts we make sure that the stability of your engine is guaranteed.

We have redesigned the marine engine mount to increase its bonding surface. 

We have studied the areas where the bonding surface could be increased. Thanks to this study, we increased the bonding area reaching 90% of the metal surface.

Using finite element modeling we have optimized the architecture of the piece to reduce stress points avoiding the appearance of cracks.

This improves longevity and weaknesses that we have noted in user feedback for genuine parts.

The result is that the tensile dynamometric tests that we have carried out show that if we stretch the piece in tension up to 2100Kg, the Ellebogen supports do not break. 

The adhesion is stronger than the metal parts themselves! Watch video.

2100Kg are not capable of breaking an Ellebogen part. If your engine has 4 supports, multiply 2100Ă—4 this would be 8,400Kg. It could lift a 33ft sailboat with 4 Ellebogen marine supports.

We manufacture the parts by doing intermediate controls during the production process by carrying out inspections of the manufacturing parameters. In this way we achieve 100% repetitive results.

Ellebogen Marine Engine mounts are not a non-original “unbranded” replacement part. They are “premium” supports made by people who have a passion for the sea. We use better components such as the “Nord lock” washers that allow a more durable fastening and torque as you can see in this video.

In addition to this, we take care of the price by adjusting the costs and offering free shipping for the peninsula and the Balearic Islands.

You can pay securely for secure payment methods such as PayPal in our online store.