The seafaring spirit makes us different

Fairweather sailors

No calm sea
made a sailor an expert

In our DNA lies a spirit that makes us different. We are children and grandchildren of sailors who inherit a passion for the maintenance of our ships. Loaded with ideas, imagination, intuition and curiosityÔÇŽ we put our souls at the service of design and technology to offer premium products with the greatest security and comfort in the market at a really competitive price.

We are people with experience, vision and expertise, who through tradition and innovation offer mounts for marine engines directly from our workshop. This keeps us alive, facing each challenge and reinventing the future, with the aim of transmitting our passion, the result of the relentless dedication to the creation of our products.

The stress tests we carry out on all designs, offer the guarantee and safety we are looking for in Ellebogen.

Marine engine mounts have a great responsibility. They withstand engine weight forces but also forces that come from propulsion, swell, or change-of-course maneuvers. We take this very seriously; measuring the durability and rigidity of these products is key to enjoying being on the water with peace of mind.

Thanks to the Multi-Axis Hydraulic Test Bench, we simulate the evolution of bracket stiffness based on engine support duty cycles.

The three-axis dynamometric tests allow us to validate that the stiffness of the support is within the required specifications. This value is key to being able to achieve the proper frequency of its own and to be able to properly isolate motor vibrations.

By controlling the rigidity within defined tolerance, using the ELLEBOGEN supports® ensure that the stability of your engine is guaranteed.

Nord Lock®

We use the best mechanical fastening components. Thanks to the innovative Nordlock® locking technology we secure bolted joints, even when they are exposed to high vibrations and dynamic loads.

The Nordlock® system uses tension instead of friction to secure fastenings under high vibration and dynamic loads. A higher tension increases the security of the fastening. This makes it impossible for ELLEBOGEN® mounts to loosen accidentally.

The highest performance on the market

Manufactured by injection: This improves by 97% the homogeneity of the internal composition of the elastomer.

Anti-corrosive treatment equivalent to a stainless steel: The metal parts are also treated with Zinc Nickel Anticorrosive treatment according to DIN 50962-Fe//Zn- Ni(12)//A (800h Salina Fog Chamber). On which 2 layers of PU (Polyurethane) paint are added to ensure protection equivalent to an Aisi 304 stainless.

Adhesion surface of 90:%: To optimize adhesion between rubber and metal, we increase the adhesion area reaching 90% of the metal surface. Additionally, we round the molding radiens to reduce stress when the part is under load.


Do you want to change the mounts of your marine engine yourself?

In our catalog you can find thanks to our equivalence finder, the marine engine mounts for different types of engines. Do not hesitate to contact us to answer any questions.